Vote for a New Street Tree by Justin Hannemann

It has been decided that Hither Green is prioritised for an allocation of the trees funded by Greater London Authority.

In Hither Green, there are over 200 empty tree pits and so to make things easy we have marked the tree pits here for you to vote for where you would like the Street trees to be planted.

You will need to search for your street, find the closest pin, click on it and leave your email address and we will send you a confirmation.

The tree pits with the most registered votes will be chosen for planting.

There will be less than 3 trees to allocate however, as always you can privately sponsor a tree by pledging £240 and be proud that you have helped keep Hither Green green.

Click here to find your tree.

Lewisham Council Awarded Funding for 75 Street Trees by Justin Hannemann

Lewisham Council has been awarded funding of £18,000 towards the replacement of Street Trees in the Borough from the Greater London Authority. This represents an additional 75 trees, assuming that we can find local residents that are interested in watering them.

Since 2013, there are over 2,000 street trees in Lewisham that have fallen due to old age, disease or extreme weather and never replaced due to reduced Council funding.

In Hither Green, we have lost over 200 in the same time and the number is growing.

You can help reverse this tragic trend by pledging your support to raise funds or awareness by contacting Hither Green Trees here.

Heavy Winds Bring Down More Trees by Justin Hannemann

This Easter weekend saw heavy winds across South East London, including my street in Hither Green where yet another tree has fallen.  

As I went for a run this afternoon I was stunned to see yet another tree fallen in my street. That now takes the death toll to 3 trees in 3 years.  So now I have just 6 trees and 5 empty tree pits. 

When I moved here 3 years ago, there were 9 trees.

I have heard from some others that they also have trees in their streets down. 

Lewisham loses more than 1,000 trees in just 4 years by Justin Hannemann

According to the latest Government sources, Lewisham has lost over 1,000 trees between 2012 and 2016 which is a lot worse than I was expecting.  

In Lee Green Ward, where Hither Green is, the number of empty tree pits has increased from 105 to 186. I usually like irony, but the idea of Hither Green losing its 'Green' is seriously worrying. 

In my street we have lost at least 2 trees in the last 2 years. None of these trees have been replaced.

And so whilst the Gateway development is going well and is on track, the number of empty tree pits has doubled. I am all up for economic progress, but not at the expense of our natural environment. 

A 2012 map shows places where trees once stood by Justin Hannemann

Most people do not realise that over 7% of the tree pits for Lee Ward, including Hither Green are empty. Today our friends from Catford showed an image that shows the empty pits from a 2012 report. Soon we are aiming to have this updated to show todays real situation which is likely to be much worse! 

I can say that my street only shows 1 empty tree pit from the data however the reality is that there are 4 empty pits. I hope that my street is an exception.