Coming home from work after a storm I noticed that one of the trees in my street had fallen over.  I really thought nothing of it. In a couple of days it had been removed by the Council. 

A few months went by and the broken stump remained. I wondered when the Council was going to replace it.

Less than 6 months later, another tree fell in a storm. Again the tree was removed, leaving the broken stump behind. In less than a year, my street was losing its precious greenery.  Not only does the street look harder and more grim, I am sure there would be less birds in the street and other wildlife as a result.

So I began to do some research and make some calls and learnt that Lewisham Council are not replacing dead trees. They simply did not have the money or the people to manage. What little money they had were dedicated to protecting and maintaining existing trees.


Every day when I walk to Lewisham Station to catch the train to work I would think to myself that something is very wrong when trees were not being replaced when such massive investments in transport, business and accommodation were being made.

It does seem that the rounds of Council cutbacks over the years is causing real damage to our natural environment.  

This website is designed to help people understand what the situation is and how they can help.

Justin Hannemann
Your average neighbour